Afas hiphop cinema | History homework help

Oct 15, 2023

1. Analyze Do the Right Thing or Krush Groove to issues presented in one of the following documentaries:

  • a. The Black Power Mixtape
  • b. Hip-hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes
  • c. the article “Musing New Hoods”

The ideas in the documentaries or the article will serve as your theoretical base. Consider Consider what they say about hip-hop culture and African American experiences. End your paper with speculation about how your analysis/ideas are also useful today, briefly projecting your ideas to a contemporary film or TV show.   This screening is available in the video folder in the content section under its module

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Afas hiphop cinema | History homework help
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2. In this case, you will ALSO reference chapter 2 in the Ebook Understanding Black American Aspects in Hip-Hop Cinema.  What additional insight does this chapter give to your understanding of the film you have chosen?  

3.  Be focused, detailed and use short quotes. Yes, you can write more than minimum 600 words in your original essay. Remember the essays should contain in-text citations. (chicago style)

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