Annotated bibliography/Healthcare-2 pages

Oct 20, 2023

Annotated bibliography Instructions

Using information from the podcast Narrowing Your Focus for Research, choose a health topic of interest to you that is impacting your community. It should be a topic that you would like to explore throughout each Unit in this course. You can examine the health challenges your community is facing by visiting the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) County Health Rankings & Roadmaps. In the center of the page under “How Healthy is Your Community?” enter your zip code to learn about the health issues in your county and locate data about them. Some examples might include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, STIs, alcohol-related crashes, etc.

Using information from the podcast Academic Sources, go to the Library and complete a peer-reviewed source search. Locate a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources on your topic.

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Annotated bibliography/Healthcare-2 pages
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Using information from the Writing Center document Writing an Annotated Bibliography, compose an annotated bibliography for your chosen sources.

First, list the APA formatted citation for your article. Citing your sources from the Purdue University Global Library is easy! The Library has provided this Support Guide to assist you with locating, copying, and inserting APA formatted citations into your work.

Then, write at least 5–6 sentences for each annotation. The annotations should include a summary of the chosen peer-reviewed article, a discussion of how you know the source and research is credible, and how it can be used to support your research. Your summary should provide the reader with a clear understanding of what the study adds to the body of literature on the topic. Your annotation should be original, composed by you, and follow all of the formatting guidelines for an annotated bibliography.

Please note: An annotated bibliography does not include news articles, websites, or books; they are a collection of journal articles that have been peer-reviewed and published in scholarly journals. You should only be using peer reviewed journal articles from the PG Library for this Assignment.


  • Your submission is composed in a Microsoft Word document.
  • To meet the objective requirements, your response is at least 500 words in length.
  • Your submission includes specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements to demonstrate mastery of the objective.
  • Your submission includes a highly developed viewpoint and purpose.
  • Your response is in Standard English and demonstrates superior organization.
  • Your communication is highly ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.
  • Your submission displays exceptional content, organization, style, and mechanics.
  • A separate page at the end of your response contains a list of references.
  • Include both in-text and reference list citations where appropriate and reference all sources used following proper APA citation style.

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