Benchmark – Create a Prevention Program-Across the Lifespan

Sep 1, 2023

Create a 10-12-slide PowerPoint with extensive lecture notes. Address the following in your presentation:

1. Create a sexual violence prevention program.

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Benchmark – Create a Prevention Program-Across the Lifespan
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2. The program can be school or community-based for any age across the lifespan.

3.The presentation must outline how your program will address the prevalence of sexual abuse and address cultural contributions to sexual abuse in your identified population.

4. Identify the role of resilience and protective factors in recovery.

5. Describe both internal and external teams that will be used in your program.

6. In addition, identify the types of sexual abuse that are most commonly found in the identified population. For example, if your program is to be delivered to elementary school students, what types of sexual abuse might they encounter? Use regional or national statistics to support your opinion.

7. Your program should also be designed to address the long term cognitive and physical effects of sexual abuse.

8. The PowerPoint needs a title slide and a reference slide in addition to the 10-12 slides. The assignment should have three to five scholarly resources.

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