Canada Boarder Services Agency

Sep 1, 2023

Border Services

Officer (CBSA) Canada Boarder Services Agency

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Canada Boarder Services Agency
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Day to day responsibilities:

– administer

enforcement actions in relation to international movement of persons through

interviews to ensure compliance or determine inadmissibility of foreign

nationals and applying the appropriate course of action including issuing

visitor records, work and study permits, complete landing procedures and taking

refugee claims, removal orders, allowed to leaves, arrests, detentions and

removals, issue temporary resident permits under Immigration and Refugee

Protection Act and Regulations, CBSA Department Policies, Criminal Code of

Canada and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

– examine personal

goods by verifying traveler’s declarations through applying proper measures to

non-compliance goods and the person responsible including: seizures, holds on K24,

holds on K27, issue agriculture AMPS, personal searches, arrests and

detentions, intelligence reports, generated under the provisions and

statutes within CBSA’s jurisdiction (Customs Act, Enforcement Manuals, Canadian

Food Inspection Act legislation, Criminal Code of Canada);

– liaise and work with

other enforcement agencies (i.e., Police Agency, CSIS, CIC, Hearings Officers, and

Counsel from Department of Justice)

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