Cimate Change

Sep 1, 2023

Assignment Content

Please completely respond to this assignment in a Microsoft Word document. Upload your assignment to this drop box.

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Cimate Change
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We live in a world beset by problems which in numerous ways and to varying degrees undermine the well-being of our society.

These social problems constitute a wide range of topics that feature prominently and unceasingly in the news and in political debates.

These include poverty, unemployment, homelessness, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation; consumerism; crime, violence, human rights violations; environmental degradation and climate change and much more.

What do you feel are some of the most pressing social problems facing society today?

What makes these social problems so very troubling and problematic?

Who are the most impacted by the social problems that you selected and why?

Why are these issues so especially problematic for some but not for others?

What are some of the solutions, if any, that have been identified to address these social problems? Are they successful? Why or why not?

In your opinion, who is to blame for these social problems?

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