Critical thinking activity #1 | Psychology homework help

Sep 12, 2023

To help you acknowledge the high degree of media exposure and the concept of multitasking, think about how many hours per day you spend on reading newspapers, reading magazines, listening to the radio, watching movies, watching television, surfing the Internet, playing video games, playing games on your cell phones.
Analyze your daily media consumption honestly and critically. Respond to the following questions in APA style:

How would you describe your pattern of media consumption?

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Critical thinking activity #1 | Psychology homework help
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What media activities do you spend the most time doing?
What is the total number of hours you spend consuming media content?
How many hours include multitasking?

How does your time-consuming media compare to the time you spend doing other things such as sleeping, eating, and exercising?
Do you feel that your media consumption takes time away from doing other “important” things, such as doing homework, chores, work, etc.?
What conclusions can you reach about the sources and perspective of your media content?

What potential biases could you be exposed to?

What recommendations would you make to broaden your menu of media consumption?

400 words total
Provide 2 links of websites you visit frequently

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