Cultural Influences on Personality

Aug 30, 2023

Culture can be viewed as our collective worldviews. Culture can differ depending on where we live or our heritage. Culture influences the behavior and thoughts of people who come into contact with it. “Culture is to society what memory is to individuals” (Kluckhohn 1954).

As we discussed in the first module, our personality is influenced by perhaps both genetics and our environment. Culture can be incorporated into our environmental influences. Culture is presented through our language, modeling of behavior, communication, by living in the same historic period, etc. (Triandis & Suh, 2002).

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Cultural Influences on Personality
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Describe how your culture has influenced your personality.

Compare your culture with another culture of your choice.

Assess how your personality could possibly have been different with the cultural influence that you chose.

Length: 1-2 pages, excluding title page.

APA formatting:

1 source required


Kluckhohn C. 1954. Culture and behavior. In Handbook of Social Psychology, ed. G Lindzey, 2:921–76. Cambridge, MA: Addison-Wesley.

Triandis, H. C, & Suh, E. M. (2002). Cultural Influences on Personality. Retrieved from

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