Cultural Products, Practices, and Perspectives

Sep 1, 2023

this assignment is for a Spanish class.

Cultural Products, Practices, and Perspectives

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Cultural Products, Practices, and Perspectives
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Products are the tangible or intangible creations of a particular culture. They reflect a people’s perspectives. Tangible products: paintings, a cathedral, a piece of literature, a pair of chopsticks. Intangible products: an oral tale, a dance, a sacred ritual, a system of education, a law.

Practices are patterns of social interactions and behaviors. Practices involve the use of products. They represent the knowledge of “what to do when and where” and how to interact within a particular culture.

Perspectives are the philosophical perspectives, meanings, attitudes, values, beliefs, ideas that underlie the cultural practices and products of a society. They represent a society’s view of the world.

Please describe and provide examples of the “3 Ps”.

Consider: What are the 3Ps and what do they mean? What is the relationship between the three? Which of the three Ps provides us a better understanding and/or essence of a culture? Why? Include at least two examples of each “P” from any country or culture of the world.

Your initial post should be at least two paragraphs, in English. Feel free to talk about ANY country / culture of the world (not just Spanish-speaking countries). Include in your initial post at least one illustration or photo of anything you mention.

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