Week 2 assignment | Digital forensics evidence

Oct 9, 2023

Digital forensics evidence

Length: Minimum of 350 words
Total points: 10 points
Question: In 1994, the U.S. Department of Justice created a set of categories and an associated set of search and seizure guidelines. These categories made the necessary distinction between hardware and information. In this context, hardware refers to all of the physical components of a computer, and information refers to the data and programs that are stored on and transmitted using a computer. The three categories that refer to information all fall under the guise of digital evidence:

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Week 2 assignment | Digital forensics evidence
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1. Hardware as Contraband or Fruits of Crime.
2. Hardware as an Instrumentality.
3. Hardware as Evidence.
4. Information as Contraband or Fruits of Crime.
5. Information as an Instrumentality.
6. Information as Evidence. Using the Internet, locate a court case (eg. national, regional, or local) where one or more of these categories were mentioned in the indictment. If the court document does not list the exact category by name, provide as much information about the case and why you feel the case should fall under the specific category. Make sure you define and provide background information on the category(s) you have selected. Comments:

  • Provide a URL link to the court case you are referencing in your assignment.  Link must be valid.
  • Answer the questions with an APA-formatted paper (Title page, body and references only).  Your response should have a minimum of 350 words.  Count the words only in the body of your response, not the references.  A table of contents and abstract are not required..
  • Your paper must be submitted to SafeAssign.  Resulting score should not exceed 35%.

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