Discuss the evolving roles, competencies, and skills of nurses in the field of informatics.

Aug 31, 2023

The discussion must address all this, I have attached a book (essentials of nursing informatics) from which I must use at least one reference, and the other two can be from online journals or reputable sources. the paper doesn’t not have to be exactly 600 words, More or less. i have also attached short additional information in regards to the Technology informatics guiding education reform(TIGER), American Nurses Association(ANA(, and nursing informatics standards. The rubric is also attached. Written in 3rd person if it does not ask about personal info.

These is what needs to be addressed:

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Discuss the evolving roles, competencies, and skills of nurses in the field of informatics.
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As health care continues to change and new innovations appear, what types of skills will nurses need in order to harness the potential of emerging and evolving technologies? How does Health Informatics support this?

In this module, you will examine the history of nursing informatics as well as the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) initiatives that drive technology education for nurses. Using the TIGER and American Nurses Association guidelines, you also evaluate your own informatics competencies.

What is your overall attitude toward change, especially the increased reliance on technology in health care? Organizations such as TIGER are developing computer competency resources to improve nursing professionals’ understanding of health care informatics. How might nursing informatics and competencies increase quality, patient safety, and job satisfaction?

Examine the TIGER and ANA informatics competencies presented in the Learning Resources. What insights do these competencies give you with regards to? :

How these competencies influence nursing informatics, improve quality of care and patient safety, and promote excellence in nursing practice

Ways in which nursing practices have changed and/or will change as a result of informatics

Your personal skills, strengths, and preferences related to informatics

Potential challenges or areas in which you need to strengthen your capabilities, and at least one strategy for accomplishing professional growth in this area

Discuss the evolving roles, competencies, and skills of nurses in the field of informatics.

Include information on the essential competencies DNP nurses and Nurse Leaders must have to lead and facilitate planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating data management systems in healthcare practices.

Be sure to incorporate information from assigned readings, external credible sources and from your own personal experiences.

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