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Sep 20, 2023

Discussion post

No matter how well you prepare, at some point during your studies at CTU, you will face unexpected obstacles to your academic success. While no one can ever be fully ready for every unexpected situation, we can equip ourselves to be successful in overcoming many of the challenges that come our way. Consider the following unexpected challenges faced by Jasmine, Janet, and Jamal:

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Discussion post assistance | English homework help
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Jasmine: Jasmine knew that she needed to complete 8 intellipath® lessons by this coming Wednesday’s deadline. She planned to finish coloring her map and work on the remaining 5 lessons on Monday before working a double shift on Tuesday and caring for her grandson all day Wednesday. But her car broke down on the way to the grocery store early Monday afternoon, and by the time she got her car towed to the repair shop and then dealt with shopping, she had used up all of her allotted time.

Janet: Janet knew that her History essay was due on Wednesday, so she set aside time on Monday to write it, and she got her entire draft completed on Monday. But when she went to proofread it on Wednesday, she could not find her saved draft anywhere on her computer. After spending over an hour looking and getting her son to help her search, she was in tears of frustration.

Jamal: Jamal was so nervous to start his Math class, but he did better than he thought in his first unit. However, in his second unit, he has found himself really struggling with one lesson in particular. He has spent over 2 hours on that lesson and feels ready to give up altogether.

For this assignment, you will complete two parts: The first part is your Primary Discussion Response, due by Friday. For this part of the assignment, you should offer advice to one of the students (Jasmine, Jamal, or Janet), considering the following points as you compose your response:

  •   What strategies might the student use to help overcome the current obstacle that he or she is facing?
  •   Who might the student reach out to at CTU to receive additional support to help overcome the obstacle?
  •   What resources might the student use to help overcome the obstacle?

For the second part of the assignment, you will respond to two different posts made by your classmates. These responses are known as Peer Responses and will be due by Tuesday. Use the following suggestions to help guide the conversation:

  • Offer additional suggestions that build on the ones provided in the Primary Response to help the selected student overcome his or her obstacle.
  •   Share personal experiences of your own in which you have used similar strategies or overcome similar challenges.
  •    Discuss how you might use these strategies in your own life to overcome your own obstacles. 

Please note that this assignment is graded on completion. By completing the items detailed in the grading criteria chart, you will earn full credit.

Unit 2 Discussion Board Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

The Primary Discussion Response discusses an obstacle faced by Jasmine, Janet, OR Jamal and offers strategies for how to overcome that obstacle


The Primary Discussion Response discusses who the student could reach out to at CTU for additional support and/or resources the student could use to overcome the obstacle


You included at least 2 follow-up responses to peers


Peer responses bring additional information to the conversation, such providing additional suggestions for overcoming the obstacle, sharing experiences in which you have faced a similar situation, or discussing how you could use these strategies to overcome your own obstacles




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