EBP Guideline on Ethical/Legal Issues

Sep 1, 2023

EBP Guideline on Ethical/Legal Issues

Weekly Objectives 4 and 5 are addressed in this discussion.

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EBP Guideline on Ethical/Legal Issues
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Before posting to the discussion board, locate one Clinical Best Practice Guideline or recent research article (within the past five years) related to an ethical or legal issue among the elderly that aligns with your practice area or an area of interest.

Then address the following:

Entitle your discussion post with the title of the article/guideline.

Provide a rationale for why you’ve chosen this article/guideline and state how you intend to use it in practice in one paragraph.

Apply one of the Recommended Baccalaureate Competencies and Curricular Guidelines for the Nursing Care of Older Adults that fit the article/guideline and state your rationale for using it. (Located in Appendix 2.A on page 30 of the textbook)

Attach the full research article or EBP guideline as a document in the discussion board so that other students can read it and respond more effectively.

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