environmental issues

Aug 30, 2023

Write a paper, Editorial or News Article length (1000-2000 words)**, not including bibliography, addressing any of the topics covered in class.

We have discussed a number of major problems facing 21st century including:

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environmental issues
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“Climate Change”

Mass extinctions

Fisheries depletion

Air Quality

Water Issues

Slavery in fishing


Use the available literature and look for viable solutions to one of these issues within the existing political structure. Write economically and to the point. Given the seriousness of the latest IPCC report, what mechanisms exist within the laws and policies discussed that can help mitigate the coming problems highlighted in the report.

What are the consequences of not solving or significantly delaying them? What solutions are most sustainable?

*Word format only means a file extension of .doc, .docx or .pdf no other extensions are acceptable.

** 1000-2000 words of written work it does not count bibliography or cover pages. The paper should be double spaced with a 10 or 12 font. For example this is in a 12 font. Larger fonts will be detrimental to your grade as will extensive use of graphics. Large tables should be appended and not placed in the body of the work.

Thank you for your participation in the class and I look forward to reading your work.

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