Explain the purpose of the ratio category.

Aug 22, 2023

Tinri recruited you as their lead financial consultant to address upper management with potential reasons for the decline. Prior to your meeting, you must collaborate with your team members to create a list of ratio-related topics to focus the conversation.

To begin, you must evaluate the 5 categories of ratios, explain the purpose of the ratios, and determine how implementing each category or ratio can assist in Tinri’s declined areas.

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Explain the purpose of the ratio category.
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In your presentation address the following:

Explain the purpose of the ratio category.

Analyze how evaluating each ratio can benefit Tinri’s declined areas.

Provide a plan for how your team and yourself will monitor the ratios including:

How often will you evaluate the ratios?

When will you notify upper management if adjustments need to be made?

How will you begin the process of making adjustments?

Submit your calculations in Excel and your analysis in a memo to your supervisor. Explain what the calculations mean for Tinri. Your document should be 3-4 pages and contain 4-6 scholarly references.

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