Final Paper: Mock Research Proposal

Aug 30, 2023

Assignment You will be approaching this paper as if you were writing a research proposal, which are typically written to explain the purpose of your proposed research and steps needed when conducting research on your chosen topic. Think of the many theorists you’ve learned about this term and how they had to go about proposing a research project. Take a cue from them when completing this paper. Combine information gathered earlier in the course with the research you have conducted on the topic you chose in Week Three (Research Methods) for your final paper. Include a title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page. Course text and peer reviewed articles should be used as resources and cited and referenced using APA standards. Your final paper should include the following:

An introduction covering the topics which will be discussed within your paper (½ pg).

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Final Paper: Mock Research Proposal
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Chosen research topic, research question, its connection to lifespan development, and what is hoped to be learned (1-2pgs).

Follow by sharing your choice in research method(s) and how it would be utilized within the study. (1-2pgs)

Share research found on the chosen topic (1-2pgs)

Follow up with a conclusion that rounds out the afore mentioned items covered in previous pages (½ – 1pg).

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