Five-Year Career Plan

Sep 1, 2023

A. Why do you want to pursue a career in electrical engineering?

When and how did you get interested?

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Five-Year Career Plan
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How your wish for becoming an engineer was shaped by cultural and societal influences?

B. Select a job/career that is right for you

Describe three top values that are most important to you as you make career decision and pick one job and/or company that you would like to work in/for.

Highlight one specific task for the job you picked that is interesting to you and why.

C. How do you plan to build relevant experience and keep learning?

Identify one of your potential gap (where you need to develop) for the job that you picked and identify a specific way of addressing the gap (e.g. take a specific class, complete an internship, etc.)

How do you keep up with the technology (learning strategies)?

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