global covid 19 shutdown

Sep 1, 2023

There is also an APA style out line that I will attach that you need to follow. You can contact me through email if you still need anything. Thankyou. Balaj ali is my name and SUNY OSWEGO if the institutions name is required. Please dont make it too professional where it doesnt sound like a college student. you can also see how many pages will be required as i’m not sure. Thankyou again.

Student review should include the following:

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global covid 19 shutdown
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Identification of ethical issues presented and define the ethical issue you have selected and its relevance to an industry;

Data collection methods and analysis

Explain the differential impacts of a business situation on various stakeholders and provide an explanation of how the issue has developed or changed over time;

Generate alternatives to address the ethical issues and recommend and defend their approach to the situation;

Give examples of cases involving this ethical issue and back up your opinion/solution with ethical concepts you’ve learned in the course;

Provide an explanation of at least one additional perspective on the issue

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