Global economics | Management homework help

Oct 3, 2023

Global economics

Please study the history of international financial activity from 1960 up to the present. You will see the expansion of international banking, you will see that multinational corporations can buy Thai Baht in the branches of Citibank in São Paulo, Brazil. You will discover that an American bank located in London accepts a deposit denominated in Japanese yen from a Swedish corporation, or to lend Swiss francs to a Dutch manufacturer. 

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Global economics | Management homework help
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Please write a minimum of four pages APA formatted paper that includes the following:

A graph that shows the trend of international financial activity from the 1960s up to now.

Explain and demonstrate in quantitative formatting the economic reasons for this trend regarding:

  • The growth of world real GDP
  • The expansion of international business by developing and underdeveloped economies. 
  • The world’s need for liquidity
  • The expansion of global business
  • The expansion of international banking
  • Offshore Banking and Offshore Currency Trading
  • Whatever other reasons you might find appropriate such as constant current account deficit in the USA

Provide in-text citations and explain them in detail. 

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