Interview regarding a healthcare policy or assessment

Sep 26, 2023

Interview Regarding a Healthcare Policy or Assessment .

Identify someone in the healthcare field who may have created a policy or assessment to improve healthy living.  Contact that individual to conduct an interview about the policy.

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Interview regarding a healthcare policy or assessment
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Consider whether the policy or assessment is effective, and how your interviewee feels how it might be improved. Be sure to include the following information in your interview:

  1. Identify the interviewee.
  2. The goals and objectives of your interview.
  3. Location of the organization and how the interviewee is involved/position.
  4. Description of the healthcare policy.
  5. What are some of the challenges regarding the healthcare policy development?
  6. What were some of the benefits of the healthcare policy?
  7. Are there recommendations for improving the healthcare policy? 
  8. Here are some suggested questions:
  9. What are the mission and vision statements for your organization?
  10. How do these mission and vision statements assist in helping your organization focus on healthy living promotions?
  11. How are the daily operations for your organization meeting policy? What are some of the areas that may lead to improvement regarding any policy updates?
  12. What are some of the challenges that you are currently experiencing with your policy revisions?
  13. What are some of the benefits your policy is providing to patients, or clients?
  14. What are some of the recommendations that you may have regarding policy improvement both internally and externally? 

Your report should meet the following structural requirements:

  • Be six pages in length, not including the cover or reference pages.
  • Be formatted according to APA 7th edition.
  •  in-text citations.
  • References five scholarly articles. 

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