Hhs 207 communcation skills for health and human services-wk4-1

Sep 12, 2023

Do you ever wonder how and why you communicate with your family in the ways that you do? Every family unit has its own way of engagement and interaction. In this first forum for the week, you will have an opportunity to describe different ways in which your family communicates, using the course text and a scholarly source to assist you.
Read Chapter 10 from The Interpersonal Communication Book. In addition, utilize the Ashford University Library to retrieve one scholarly article (i.e., peer-reviewed source, such as a literature review, study, or professional critique) that discusses family communication.
Initial Post: Please prepare a 300-word minimum reply that sufficiently addresses each of the items below. Don’t forget that it is critical to cite your sources of information, including the textbook, using APA formatting.

Summarize your selected scholarly article and describe the impact of family on communication.
Which of the four communication patterns from the text can you identify that are most reflected in your family? Explain their impact as it relates to how your family communicates.
Why would it be important for a human services professional to understand how families interact, taking into consideration the different patterns and dynamics you’ve explored?

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Hhs 207 communcation skills for health and human services-wk4-1
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Family Communication

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