History of counseling profession | Psychology homework help

Sep 12, 2023

For this discussion, use the readings assigned in this unit and the information you found during your Internet research on the history of counseling. Prepare a post (250–300 words) that outlines the history of counseling.
How have the history and philosophical foundations of counseling contributed to current trends and professional issues in counseling?
· Explain how specific events have influenced the development of the identity of professional counselors.
· Analyze the evolution of the key philosophies of wellness, resilience, and prevention.
· Summarize the historical events that contributed to the development of your counseling specialization.
Note: Up until this point, you have been primarily using first person when responding to discussions and assignments. This was appropriate because you were generally discussing your opinions about the subjects. This discussion, however, calls for an academic analysis of the literature on a subject. You will be expected to use the conventional academic third-person form when writing this post. Instead of expressing your own opinions, you will be supporting your analysis referencing the research and expertise of others. For more information on this style of academic writing, review the Campus resource Writing in Third Person (given in the resources).

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History of counseling profession | Psychology homework help
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