Human-automation cognitive coupling research brief

Oct 8, 2023

Human-automation cognitive coupling research brief

Increasing the levels of automation in systems presents several challenges, including that of the degree of coupling between the human agent and the machine or software agents. As system complexity escalates, the design tends toward designating either the human or the machine to direct the decision processes. In this sense, human-automation coordination designs are limited by the mindset that technology and people are independent components. Functional interface concepts for joint cognitive systems have been likened to performance characteristics of a team of individuals.

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Human-automation cognitive coupling research brief
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Rather than one individual directing, the individual interactions form the team’s performance. This goes to the heart of the matter in understanding a coupled system. Since a cognitive system is defined by its ability to modify patterns of behavior on the basis of past experience, how might the issue of humans versus machine agents be reconciled so they are jointly creating the system’s collective knowledge and thinking? Describe an approach for designing a system that would achieve joint cognition as a result of human and machine agent coupling, including strengths and limitations involved.

Present this as a brief. Your brief should be approximately 800 words in length and should be written in APA format. 

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