International business Current event

Sep 1, 2023

Please respond to the following prompt in good essay format. You need not use the full APA standards for a research report that would include a title page, abstract, etc. However, I do expect good composition and proper citation of sources.

Scenario: You are at a Labor Day picnic discussing your favorite class (International Business, of course). Some others at the table object saying, “Who cares about International Business? My business right here is hurting. I can’t get anyone to come to work.” While intelligent and entrepreneurial, your friends may have a more limited view of the world than you have acquired already.

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International business Current event
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While it is early in the course, you have read that there is much integration in global markets and global human resource management. You wonder what reasons business owners and others in the USA believe that there are labor shortages. Do these shortages and reasons exist only in the USA? (Note: I am looking for a well-argued essay, not for a particular “right” answer.)

As you begin searching, you find this very recent article .

As you are enjoying your potato salad and other picnic delicacies, you explain what you know about:

a) Reasons USA businesses give for labor shortages in 2021

b) Global similarities or differences in labor supply in 2021

c) What you can conclude about current labor supply and expectations for the future.

As with any conversation, this is a narrative, not bullet points nor point by point answers.

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