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Sep 12, 2023

The student will create assignment covering the primary components involved in disaster mitigation. The student should consider this a white assignment he or she has been asked to develop as the new emergency manager for their university. The following headings will be included: preparedness overview, enabling and guiding policies and legislation, the local, state, and federal government role, the needed/required steps in the preparedness process, preparedness programs, steps and activities involving preparedness, and the concept of resiliency at the individual and community level. Also, how preparedness differs for various hazards, threats, and disasters to include meteorological, hydrological, geological, and human caused events. How to encourage and implement preparedness activities. How Continuity of Operations Planning fits helps with preparedness. In addition to the APA cover page and reference page the student will include a Table of Contents. The student will write at minimum a 7-full page research-oriented assignment in current APA format. The assignment must include at least 5 sources (which should include the class textbooks and readings).

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Miss professor only 2 | Government homework help
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