Navigating change through formal structures and systems discussion

Oct 12, 2023

Two principle impediments to effective and lasting organizational change are structures and systems within the organization. In other words, for change to become a part of an organization, managers often must change the formal and informal structures of an organization to better support the change initiative. 

For this Discussion Question, find an organization in Saudi Arabia that completed a change within their organization during the last three years. Discuss how they changed or modified their formal and informal structures and systems to ensure the intended change became a part of the organization’s culture. Then discuss how the organization used structures and systems to deal with the uncertainty and complexity in the environment?
Was this an appropriate response?
How could the existing structures and systems have been approached and used differently to advance the desired change?
How did existing structures and systems affect the ability of the change leader to bring about the desired change? 

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Navigating change through formal structures and systems discussion
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Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with two scholarly peer-reviewed references in supporting your answer. Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Digital Library by conducting an advanced search specific to scholarly references.

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