Nr 509 week 6 quiz | Nursing homework help

Sep 27, 2023

1. A woman has come to the clinic to seek help with a substance-abuse problem. She admits to using cocaine just before arrival. Which of these assessment findings would the FNP expect to find when examining the woman?

  • Dilated pupils, pacing, and psychomotor agitation
  • Dilated pupils, unsteady gait, and aggressiveness
  • Pupil constriction, lethargy, apathy, and dysphoria
  • Constricted pupils, euphoria, and decreased temperature

2. A 63-year-old Chinese American man enters the office with complaints of chest pain, shortness of breath, and palpitations. Which statement most accurately reflect the FNPs best course of action?

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Nr 509 week 6 quiz | Nursing homework help
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  • The nurse should focus on performing a full cardiac assessment.
  • The nurse should focus on psychosomatic complaints because he has just learned that his wife has cancer.
  • This patient is not in any danger at present, so the nurse should send him home with instructions to contact his physician.
  • It is unclear what is happening with this patient, so the nurse should perform an assessment in both the physical and the psychosocial realms.

3. The FNP is planning to assess new memory with the patient. The best way for the FNP to do this would be

  • Administer the FACT test.
  • Ask him to describe his first job.
  • Give him the Four Unrelated Words Test.
  • Ask him to describe what television show he was watching before coming to the clinic.

4. During the health history the FNP asks a female patient “how many alcoholic drinks do you have a week?” Which answer by the patient would indicate at risk drinking?

  • I may have one or two drinks a week.
  • I usually have three or four drinks a week.
  • I have a glass or two of wine every now and then.

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