Nursing homework-RAMP

Feb 29, 2024

Go on RAMP website New Jersey

Write a reflection of personal positive thoughts/opinions about what the program is and how its important to nurses who need/use Ramp

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Nursing homework-RAMP
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Reflection about RAMP
What ramp is
What it does
What are its policies, advocacy, professional development

  • positive feelings about the program and how it helps nurses and gives them a “second
  • safety protects the public
  • importance of belonging


1 source required

APA 7th Edition

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In my opinion, being a nurse is a hectic job that may lead nurses to use alcohol and other
drugs to relieve the stress and pressure that comes with it. Drug addiction is a habit that develops
in bits and most victims are not able to exit without support. Nurses who work while intoxicated
may end up administering the wrong drugs to their patients or even treating them ruthlessly. In
extreme cases, such nurses may engage in behavior that causes them to lose their jobs. Thus,
programs to help in recovering from such behavior are critical to safeguarding the well-being of
nurses and the public.

The Recovery and Monitoring Program (RAMP) is one good program that has been of great help in the nursing industry. The Recovery and Monitoring Program (RAMP) is a nursing program that was launched
in 2003 by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. The program is voluntary and is designed to help nurses ensure safe professional practices in their work and also to provide public safety.

RAMP program provides health practitioners with a platform where those who struggle with drug addiction are closely monitored until they fully recover and are in a position to resume their normal duties. This ensures that patients are protected and nurses retain their jobs rather than losing them due to unethical behavior resulting from drug abuse and poor mental health status.

I feel that the RAMP program is quite beneficial to nurses and should be highly embraced since it brings about a desirable outcome. The statistics provided by the Department of Consumer Affairs show that the success rate of the program was 60% in 2017 and increased to 68% in 2020(Ryan,2021). The number of nurses enrolled in the program has also been increasing consistently although the numbers dropped in 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Ramp participants are subjected to random drug screening procedures to determine any possibility of drug abuse. Those whose tests appear positive are exempted from working and appropriate treatment is given to them.

The RAMP program guide explains the services provided, the rights and responsibilities of members, and the enrolment process among others. Ramp case managers are health professionals tasked with monitoring participants while providing the required information and support. Ramp participants are expected to submit taxicology screens as soon as requested and comply with the rules of their health providers. Ryan (2021) notes that the program takes approximately 5 years or less depending on the individuals’ response to treatment. Frequent communication during the monitoring and evaluation process is also a necessity.

Upon treatment and recovery, the participant with the help of case managers and therapists involved decides whether they are willing to go back to work. The RAMP review team reviews the application of the participant to return to work and approves or advises accordingly. The patient must comply with all treatment requirements and demonstrate stability and soberness before returning to work. This guarantees the safety of the health professionals and the public.

The treatment also offers those who lost their jobs a second chance to provide quality service in their career. In some cases, RAMP participants are allowed to work while still under monitoring as long as their job supervisors provide monthly employment evaluation reports, conduct random screening, and keep in touch with the case managers regarding any changes.

In conclusion, the RAMP program helps in curbing drug and substance abuse while delivering health services. I would strongly recommend the program to medical practitioners in the same situation since this will ensure safe practices during their operations. Nurses who lost their jobs can also be advised to join the program as this will help them in their recovery journey and they will be in a position to go back to work once they respond well to treatment. Additionally, the program creates accountability at work and ensures that nurses are dedicated to
saving lives.

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