Personal Vision

Sep 1, 2023

This is an individual assignment, we begin formulating my personal life vision. The written version should include a 1-3 page write-up that includes all 25 of your life goals, organized into whatever order you best see fit. At the top of the paper, you should include a “headline version” of your vision: a 6- to 10-word statement of your life vision that captures as best you can the essence of who you will be. Secondly, produce a “paragraph” version of your vision, 3 to 4 lines that provide an overall description of your vision. Third, provide a more detailed list of your goals. It’s okay to organize your goals as bullet points or in some other format, but if you do, you should still have written text that explains and ties together the different groups of goals you have. Finally, please provide a paragraph that summarizes your reflections on your vision (e.g., “this is definitely what I want to be”, or “I notice I’m missing family-related goals”, etc.).

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Personal Vision
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