Political Science – Final

Aug 30, 2023

Write in complete sentences and paragraphs. 1” margins, 12 point type, single spaced.

You should have your answers numbered and in the same order as below. DO NOT COPY THE QUESTIONS (Doing so will cause your similarity score to go up)

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Political Science – Final
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Make sure that you support your answers. Be specific and write more than three sentences. Each answer, except where specified, should be organized into more than one paragraph.

Web Sources (YOU SHOULDN’T NEED/USE ANY OTHER SITES THAN THESE) : All .gov sites, Oyez.org, New York Times, Washington Post, Yougov.com Gallup.com, pewresearch.org and Politico.com

Your TEXTBOOK – Please, please, please begin here and then if necessary use the sites listed above.

Cite your source. (your answer should come from the textbook or some other source that we have used in class. Looking on the internet for answers will probably not be successful)

Textbook: To cite your textbook as the source of information use a footnote. At the end of the sentence or paragraph insert a footnote with the page number(s) from which you used in writing your answer

For Word, click on the “References” tab, and then “Insert Footnote.” All word processing programs have this functionality. USE IT.[1]

Web Source: Use Chicago style to cite a websource. Make sure that all required information is included. (Citefast.com – style Chicago/Turabian)[2]

Failure to cite the source(s) of information in an answer will receive a one point penalty, regardless if the answer is correct.

Proofread your answers. Read them out loud or have someone read them out loud to you

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