Practice-Specific Concepts

Sep 21, 2023

Two Practice-Specific Concepts: Identification, discussion, and documentation from the literature of your perspective on at least two other concepts specific to your own practice.

What philosophies and theories from the literature of nursing and other disciplines/domains are consistent with these concepts?

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Practice-Specific Concepts
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How are the concepts of transcultural nursing, the health promotion model, skill acquisition, role theory, and change theory specifically integrated into my philosophy and practice?

What research supports these theories and concepts?

>>>>>This assignment is for this week<<<<<<<< then the next assignment will be connected to this one and has to be integrated as one essay at the end<<<<<<<<I am adjunting the first part of the essay completed that can serve as the beginning.


Your project paper should be in Microsoft Word 2010. Follow the current APA style. Your paper should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, and in 12 pt. font.

****Quality of essay criteria*****

The essay enlisted two practice-specific concepts.8
The essay included clinical examples for each of the chosen concepts.8
The clinical examples illustrated the concepts in a manner, which further clarified the students’ use of the conceptual material.8
The essay demonstrated consistency between concepts, assumptions, and clinical application.8
The essay identified and discussed students’ perspective on two other concepts specific to their practice.8
The essay included a numbered list of at least 5 propositions or assumptions.8
The concepts were connected and integrated to reveal a meaningful sequence.

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