Pricing and Exchange Rates

Sep 21, 2023

PART 1 : Pricing and Exchange Rates

Read the article How will refugees affect European economies. Provide responses to the following:

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Pricing and Exchange Rates
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  • Summarize the main points of the discussion
  • Prepare a position on this summary; that is, do you agree or disagree with the findings of the authors (provide supporting evidence by way of cited references)
  • Does the refugee situation influence the balance of payments? Why or why not?
  • Do the findings of this article apply to the current situation of the United States? Why or why not? Again, be clear in defending your position.

PART 2 : Decision Making in a Global Economy

With everything discussed with this course, first watch How we can make the world a better place by 2030. Then, offer your considerations as to whether this could work or not. Within your response, provide examples of how it could work, or what would need to be changed to make the ideas more feasible.

Use APA formatting and attach the relevant References.

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