Week 9 eng discussion -Professional Networking| Education homework help

Oct 11, 2023

“Professional Networking”  Answer both of the following topics listed below (1 and 2) with an original post of 5-7 sentences    Try to post early in the week and reply to at least one classmate’s post with thoughtful details.   **Each weekly discussion is worth 30 points. Take your time and give us as much insight and detail as you can.** 

  1. Discuss three (3) reasons for utilizing professional networking during the job-hunting process.  Include details about your own professional network, experiences you had presenting your resume at a job fair, or interaction on professional networking websites such as Linkedin.
  2. Look through the Strayer Career Center and find three (3) relevant professional organizations that will help in your job search after graduation.  Click on the tab in the Career Center labeled Connect.  Also, you can click on this link to find out more  https://www.careeronestop.org/Toolkit/Training/find-professional-associations.aspx 

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Week 9 eng discussion -Professional Networking| Education homework help
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