Project milestone 0—Proposal Guidance| Telecommunications Engineering homework help

Sep 20, 2023

I have the file attached for you to fill , read the project details below and select appropriate topic for the course project and fill the project milestone 0 part of the file

Submission: Draft due (ungraded) by the end of Week 1

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Project milestone 0—Proposal Guidance| Telecommunications Engineering homework help
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  • Please follow the Proposal Guidance sections as explained below in order to help you with the Week 1 deliverable. 
  • Please use the proposal draft template for the Milestone 0 as found in the project submission template. Name your submission document as MIS589_Lastname_Firstname_Project.docx.
  • Please submit your proposal in the Dropbox during the appropriate week.The proposal draft will be submitted in Week 1 (and the final proposal will be uploaded in Dropbox, under Week 2).
  • The proposal draft will have to be approved by your instructor in order to submit the proposal in Week 2 for grading. 

I. Proposal Guidance—Brainstorming

As we look around, we can see numerous examples of business services that have used networked applications in order to meet various business objectives. For example, the Internet and broadband networks have made it possible to sell and source products for the retail industry. We see information technology has made it possible to offer online education and online banking. We also see how access to high-speed wireless networks has made it possible to offer free Wi-Fi and access to the Internet in municipalities, parks, restaurants, and buses. Cloud services have made it possible to run platform, infrastructure, and software as a service. Mobile devices and networks have made it possible to reach customers anytime and anywhere.

Some of the common business objectives are

  1. to provide valued added information and services to customers and employees (i.e., online flight and train reservations, online locating and sourcing of materials, online news or magazine subscription, tracking courier shipments, wireless hotspots in public places, etc.).
  2. to reduce the cost of operation (i.e., online education, use of Cloud infrastructure services, video conferencing, online kiosks, online music downloads, etc.).
  3. to build customer relation (i.e., 24/7 online customer service, online catalog and coupon services, online recommended systems, etc.).

For your Course Project that will span all seven weeks of this course, please pick a business or industry of your choice, such as healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, education, retail, and so forth. Think about some of the key information technology drivers that have a deep impact on the industry or business area of your choice. Some of these drivers might be use of mobile devices, videoconferencing and VoIP, use of online medium to conduct business, cloud services, and so forth. What are some of the networked (or online) applications that interest you in your chosen area of business? You may even create your own network application service for any business of your choice.

How does this networked application that you chose help you solve one or more business objectives (refer to bullet points 1, 2, and 3 above)? For instance, you may choose to incorporate online shopping to a retail business, or you may plan to equip video conferencing applications on all desktops in your medium size business that spans several locations in a region. You may be a coffee shop that plans to offer free Wi-Fi and paid music download kiosks, or you may be an owner of a of couple slot machines who wants to keep track of sales in real time.

Please make sure that you pick an application that makes use of a LAN and a WAN (or Internet). Also, make sure that you know what kind of business problem will be solved by the use of this networked application. 

II. Proposal Guidance—Clarifying your project proposal

In order to clarify the nature of the networked application, ask yourself the following questions, whose answers will be included in your project proposal.

  1. Who are the clients or customers who will benefit from your proposed networked application service?
  2. What business objective does the proposed service meet for the company or business that plans to offer such a service to its clients or customers? Please use bullet points to organize multiple objectives.
  3. What will be the application architecture for the networked application under consideration? Refer to Section 2.2 in the textbook. Please try to use figures to explain the architecture.
  4. What kind of information will the client obtain through your networked application? Will you provide them with text, video, and voice information? If possible, provide a snapshot or picture of similar applications.
  5. What will be the application layers used: e-mail, HTTP, VoIP, instant messaging, video conferencing? If your application used multiple application layer protocols, please mention what kinds of data (voice, video, text) will each protocol carry?
  6. What will be some of the performance requirements of your application: latency, availability, security, cost effectiveness, accessibility? How will you prioritize your requirements?
  7. What will be some of the basic initial requirements that you can identify at this point in order to provide the application to your clients? Is cost effectiveness your priority, or do you worry more about the quality or your application? What is some of the infrastructure you will need? Do you have the staff to manage your infrastructure, or do you plan to outsource management to an external service provider? Please organize the requirements using bullet points.

III. Proposal Guidance—Format and submit your proposal draft

Using all the above information, generate a proposal describing the proposed network application service. Your writing should be persuasive and clear enough to explain the rationale and scope of the project. Please cite any external sources of information you might have used in your proposal.

  • Please submit your proposal draft in Week 1 Dropbox.
  • Please use the proposal submission template for the Proposal/Milestone 0, and save it as a Word document file called MIS589_Lastname_Firstname_Project.docx.

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