Psychology 101-2 full pages

Oct 3, 2023

Discuss what you learnt this semester in Psychology 101 in terms of how it will help you in achieving satisfaction in life. This is in particular reference to love and work. No research is necessary. This paper is focusing on your own self-reflection.

No spelling and grammar errors allowed. 

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Psychology 101-2 full pages
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Course Goals Overall:

A. Course objectives:

Upon Completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Define the fundamental concepts associated with each of the course’s major topics 
  2. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the various research methods used to study animal and human behavior and mental processes
  3. Apply major theoretical perspectives and/or data derived from psychological research to maximize self-management, self-improvement, and/or resolve personal, relational, social and/or workplace situations
  4. Analyze psychological information found  in  print, information technology, film, television, radio, and other resources by evaluating the authenticity, timeliness, relevance and validity of that information
  5. Explain the ethical considerations that govern psychological research with humans and animals and in conducting psychotherapy
  6. Demonstrate the skills of accessing, evaluating, and communicating current research pertaining to psychology topics by engaging in class discussions, individual or collaborative presentations, and/or written assignments that are well organized, cohesive and logical
  7. Explain how psychological data and theories have continually evolved and why that requires the ability to pursue lifelong learning
  8. Analyze and evaluate the role of diverse cultural, international, and global perspectives in the formation of differences in behavior, attitudes, and perceptions
  9. Analyze and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses as learners

B. Major Topics:

Topics addressed in PSYC 101, Introduction to Psychology, will include:

  1. The evolution of modern psychology
  2. Research methods and ethical issues in psychology
  3. The sub-fields of psychology
  4. Biological bases of behavior and mental process
  5. Sensation and perception
  6. States of consciousness
  7. Basic principles of learning
  8. Memory
  9. Cognition, language and intelligence
  10. Human development
  11. Motivation and emotion
  12. Personality theories and assessment
  13. Stress: its causes, effects and control
  14. Psychological disorders: their nature and causes
  15. Prevention and treatment of mental disorders
  16. Social psychology
  17. The nature of cultural and gender diversity in the human experience

C. Rationale:

PSYC 101 provides an excellent introduction into the world of professional psychology. In that Psychology is the study of human behavior, I sincerely hope that you, the student, will find much of what you learn to have personal relevance. I will do my best to help make the bridge between classroom academics and the reality of your own life. Even if you never take another psychology course, I hope you will take with you what you learned in this course and apply it to your own real world life.

The knowledge you gain will surely help you become better in your interactions with parents, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, employers and employees. I will do my best to demonstrate how what we study in this course is relevant to what you encounter in the world outside the classroom.

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