Reflect on a personal experience

Sep 1, 2023

For this writing project, reflect on a personal experience that made you (or continues to make you) feel like an “outsider.” When have you felt like you didn’t fit in or belong? And why? Rather than simply write down what happened, however, your goal is also to (i) reflect on how the experience has influenced you and/or changed you in some way, and (ii) convey the significance of that experience to your readers in a logical, organized, and compelling way.

You may find it tempting to narrate the entire experience and only offer scant and/or vague insight into what it all means or represents. This will likely lose you points. Instead, think critically about how your experience(s) may contribute to larger cultural conversations surrounding the concept of “normalcy,” its roots, role, etc. Also, as you write, make sure you adequately detail how the experience led you to the discoveries you describe.

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Reflect on a personal experience
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Finally, please note your essay will be read by me and your peers, so avoid writing about a personal experience you are not comfortable sharing with others.

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