Sdlc – change management plan

Oct 9, 2023

Change management plan

Part 1:

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Sdlc – change management plan
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Building a new software application is just the start, as organizations invest in software to help solve business problems. For systems to be effective and have a positive influence on organizational goals, they need to address user experience and focus on how best to gain new system adoption. The ideas for a new strategy are compiled in a document titled a “change management plan.” This plan contains information about the new user experience, how the new system will be supported, and the communication plans to inform the system users, which includes FAQs and instructions on how to use the system.

Develop a 2- to 3-page change management plan for WeLoveVideo. Within the change management plan:

  • Justify ways in which the system   was designed to support a positive user experience
  • Determine how the system  changes will be communicated to the users
  • Propose ways in which you will shape the communications to ensure a positive outlook
  • Propose collateral (e.g., FAQs and user guides) that will be developed in support of the new system
  • Recommend what type of support will be available to the users after implementations

Part 2:

Your implementation was successful, and it is time to plan for future projects. As the project comes to a conclusion, it is important to reflect on the project. One way to do this is to create customer success stories. These stories read as case studies and provide internal and external personnel a glimpse into the decisions made throughout the project. It provides the opportunity to highlight the goals, results, and impacts of the project. Customer success stories are also used to predict trends in future projects.

Develop a 12- to 14-slide, multimedia-rich presentation (appropriate charts, images, graphics, video, or audio where appropriate) featuring your work with WeLoveVideo. You will use this presentation in your next client meeting.

  • Explain the systems project
  • Justify the SDLC recommended      (Waterfall or Agile) with intended business goals of the systems project      Assess the results of the project, to include scope, schedule, budget, and      user adoption
  • Discuss the impact the systems      project had on the organization with storyboard example
  • Compare at least 2 customer      success stories
  • Predict how the decisions made      in this project will affect the business in the next 10 years
  • Compose detailed speaker notes which include at least 2 references cited in APA format

Presentation Note: The slides in your multimedia-rich presentation should only contain essential information and as little text as possible. Do not design a slide presentation made up of long bullet points. Your speaker notes must convey the details you would give if you were presenting. Review the Create Speaker Notes video for more help.

In addition, compose a 1-page summary of the presentation to be published on the company website for potential clients to review.


The following scenario will be used for all assessments in this course:

WeLoveVideo is a mid-sized entertainment corporation providing streaming video services to its customers globally. The company has become very successful, growing from 10 to 200 employees in the past 5 years and gaining significant traction in the market. In addition, their sales have grown from $100,000 to $40,000,000.

The primary services provided are streaming videos, primarily focusing on major network shows along with current and past movie releases. They are seen as an alternative service provider to local cable and satellite TV.

As the company has grown in size and revenue, they have found that the database they use to track customer data has become obsolete. The sales team has a hard time determining both its prospective customer demographics and its current customer preferences. Sales is in desperate need of a customer relationship management (CRM) system, but is currently well positioned to invest in improving the internal systems.

The company has a functional organizational structure. The departments include Sales, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, and Product Development. Each of these departments is influenced by customer data and will be potential users of the new CRM. In addition to its internal users, it has partnered with all the major networks to license and make its shows available to customers.

A CRM system will be no small undertaking. Currently, customer data is being managed through multiple spreadsheets that will need to be migrated. In addition, Finance uses a system called “Adaptive Insights for Finance,” which will need to interface with the CRM to ensure the integration of financial data.

Beyond this, WeLoveVideo has focused on improving its employees’ overall worker experience in terms of applications, workflow, and user interface. This new CRM will need to account for this, ensuring that the user interface and design lead to strong adoption across its users.

Speed of implementation will be critical, as the company senses it is losing money daily due to the lack of centralized customer information. WeLoveVideo is hoping that this CRM implementation will not only streamline Sales and Support, but will also provide valuable insights about its customers’ viewing and buying behaviors that will lead to increased market share.

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