select a director 1950-2000

Sep 1, 2023

You are to pick a topic for your final project before the end of week three. Please write a 600-word overview of your topic (see rubric) and submit it to the proper folder. No two students will be allowed to have the same topic; therefore, first come first served. Part two will not be accepted unless part one is turned in. See “FINAL PROJECT” below to see how to pick a topic.

You must get the instructor’s approval of your term-paper subject beforehand and no two students will be permitted to research and write about the same subject. Once again, this is first come, first served, so it is suggested that you submit your idea to the instructor by email as soon as possible. This is due no later than the end of week three. NOTE: If you turn in a term paper without getting the instructor’s approval of the subject, the instructor reserves the right to reject it as unacceptable.

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select a director 1950-2000
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Below are the three types of projects. You are to indicate the type of project and the topic in your outline.

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