Sexuality and Heteronormativity Race and Racialization (Women Gender Studies)- Blog

Aug 30, 2023


This option asks you to complete a series of linked blog posts through which you explore two of the themes listed above and the links between those themes. First, you’ll need to choose two prompts on which you’d like to reflect and write. Then, you’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of those two prompts by writing a series of four blog posts, which will include:

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Sexuality and Heteronormativity Race and Racialization (Women Gender Studies)- Blog
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One introduction, which provides an overview of your learning about the two themes you’ve selected, outlines connections between those themes, and introduces the two main body posts that follow

Two linked, main body posts, each of which explores one of the themes from the table above in detail. These posts should:

Respond to the theme/concept in detail;

Define key terms;

Explain the main ideas about the concept/theme we’ve focused on this course;

Analyze and discuss the significance of specific examples that illustrate the concept/topic and why it is a feminist issue;

Make connections to the other concept/theme you’ve chosen to explore for this exam;

Make reference to assigned course readings.

One conclusion, which answers the following questions:

What aspects of these topics do you feel that you understand the most fully? The least fully? Explain.

What aspects of the topic would you like to explore in future work, and why?

How does this learning experience fit with the learning goals that led you to take this course or that inform your future educational plans?

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