Software Configuration Management (SCM) | Applied Sciences homework help

Sep 22, 2023

Software Configuration Management

You are the team leader for a software development project. Your team consists of five engineers: Three Software developers and two quality testers. You must select Software Configuration Management (SCM) software for your development team. Your project manager may require access in order gauge progress.

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Software Configuration Management (SCM) | Applied Sciences homework help
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In your proposal, you will need to convince your project manager of the need for SCM software. Considerations include:

  • During the course of a year, you may be involved in many projects, which have not been identified yet. Make sure to address the process of creating projects in defending your choice of SCM.
  • Part of your duties is to work with the Marketing Department. Sometimes a customer will request and pay for a special or custom feature. How will your choice of SCM handle versioning and branching?
  • What are some of the advantages of using a cloud-based service for software control? Are there any disadvantages?

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