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Sep 12, 2023

So let’s get into it! This class is a speech class because it gives an overview of everything that is in the Speech field. For most, this is a requirement for your degree plan. 
Answer the questions by putting the number, then your answer. To get our discussion going, I would like for you to discuss the following after reading Chapter 1:
 https://reader2.yuzu.com/#/books/9780134874548/cfi/6/16!/4/2/2/2/[email protected]:0
1. Explain why you think this class is a requirement.
2. Explain if you agree or disagree with it being a requirement and justify your stance.
3. How does communication impacts us daily?
4. Watch this Video

5. Which one of the 10 tips do you need to work on and why?
150 words.

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Speech | speech | Houston Community College
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