Strategic Alliances

Sep 1, 2023

The following resources will help you complete this discussion and may be useful in completing your final assignment:

In Strategic Management, read:

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Strategic Alliances
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Chapter 9, “Corporate Strategy: Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions.”

Chapter 10, “Global Strategy: Competing Around the World.”

Discussion For many organizations, global growth has led to important strategic initiatives that drive the activities for much of the organization. Most large companies have some level of participation in strategic alliances, and many have been part of mergers and acquisitions that have helped shape the strategic future of the company.

What specific advantages or disadvantages of competing in global markets or supply chains exist for the company?

What should organizational leaders do to strategically address the global marketplace?

Explain the product, geographical, and vertical scope in which the company operates given the global strategy.

Briefly describe any key alliances, mergers, or acquisitions, and explain how they relate to the strategic direction of the company.

How does the use of global alliances, diversification, and vertical integration of the company support the overall competitive advantage?

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Use the discussion resources and your own research to support your statements. Follow APA guidelines for all citations and references.

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