Strategic HR Assessment and Planning Paper

Sep 1, 2023

The final paper’s intent is to pull together the knowledge you have gained from this course and be able apply this knowledge to an existing, real word, health care organization. This paper also gives you the chance to select an HR topic(s) that are in particular interest to you, and perform an assessment and provide a strategic plan about what you would do if you owned and were in charge and responsible for this Human Resources area.

For this assignment, you are no longer a middle manager. For this assignment, you are the owner and responsible party (The Boss) of your selected area of interest and are being asked what to do to build upon it or correct it to meet the needs of the selected health care organization. You will assess and create the Strategic HR Plan around your topic.

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Strategic HR Assessment and Planning Paper
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You will identify an existing Health Care Organization and select a specific HR area of interest (Diversity, Compensation, Workforce Planning, Recruitment etc.) in that organization and assess from a strategic HR perspective.

Create a Strategic HR Plan incorporating the elements discussed in this class around this area of interest. Using your already performed SWOT analysis, discuss if the organization capitalizes on their human resources capabilities in this area. Are they at risk in any areas? What aspects of the organization’s strategy are particularly effective relative to HR? Implications?

Take a position on if the selected organization is doing the right thing. Use opinion supported by evidence. What is your position and why? Ensure that your position can be backed up with literature and best practices.

You will submit one 10-page paper (1 cover page; 8 pages of text; and 1 page for references). Provide at least 3 references…not including the primary text of this course: Human Resources in Healthcare.

The grading of the papers will be based upon the student’s diagnosis and analysis – and the quality and clarity of the writing. Correct grammar, typing, sentence structure, and syntax are crucial and are part of the grading process.

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