The Alamo Drafthouse | English homework help

Sep 19, 2023

Case:  The Alamo Drafthouse


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The Alamo Drafthouse | English homework help
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·       Read the Alamo Drafthouse case at the end of Chapter 3 carefully (at least twice). 

·       Answer the following questions. Expand the space as necessary.

1. Marketing analysts use market position maps to display visually the customers’ perceptions of a firm in relation to its competitors regarding two attributes. Prepare a market position map for Alamo Drafthouse using “food quality” and “movie selection” as axes. Justify your placement. Hint: Place Alamo Drafthouse and multiplexes on the market position map given below and justify your placement. (50–100 words)

2.Use the “strategic service vision” framework to describe the Alamo Drafthouse in terms of target market segments, service concept, operating strategy, and service delivery system. (100–200 words)

3.Identify the service qualifiers, winners, and service losers for Alamo Drafthouse. Are the Alamo purchase decision criteria appropriate for the multiplex movie theater market? What do you conclude? (100–200 words)

4. Make recommendations for Tim and Carrie that would increase profitability. (50–100 words).

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