the emotion work you observed

Sep 12, 2023

For this assignment, you will observe emotion work as you go about your daily life.  What emotion work do you and others do in any given day?  How does it vary by situation?  Analyze two examples.

Begin your report with a paragraph that summarizes patterns in the emotion work you observed and introduces the two examples you will analyze.  
After that introductory paragraph, spend the rest of the report analyzing two concrete examples.  Be sure to describe the interactional contexts in which it occurs, including the feeling rules of that space.  Utilize concepts from our Hochschild reading (e.g. feeling rules; the “pinch” between how you wanted to feel and how you actually felt; evocation and suppression; cognitive, bodily, and expressive techniques; deep acting and surface acting).  
In the concluding paragraph, reflect on what you learned and make connections with other concepts, etc.

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the emotion work you observed
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This report should be 2-3 pages long and formatted correctly (see syllabus for formatting guidelines).

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