The Journey to Sustainability

Sep 1, 2023

Incorporate the following terms. Biodiversity, farmers’ market, Drought,

Nonrenewable Energy. When including them in the paper please bold them.

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The Journey to Sustainability
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Paragraph 1:

Describe how the human relationship to nature will be different from what it is at present.

Examine how humans will cope differently with the ways that natural phenomena like hurricanes affect lives.

Paragraph 2:

Describe what Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems will look like in a sustainable future.

Explain what humans have done differently to enable biodiversity and ecosystems to function sustainably.

Paragraph 3:

Examine how agricultural production will be different in a sustainable future.

Paragraph 4:

Differentiate between how humans will manage water resources (fresh water and ocean) in the sustainable future compared to how it is done now.

Paragraph 5

Examine how humans will meet their energy needs in the future in a way that will enable maintenance of a sustainable, habitable atmosphere and climate.

Indicate the changes that humans have made that are enabling them to maintain a healthy atmosphere and climate for all.

Paragraph 6:

Describe how waste management will be different in a sustainable future.

Indicate the changes have been made to how humans think about and treat what is currently called “waste.”

Paragraph 7:

Summarize some of the major social, economic, political, and ecological choices and tradeoffs that will need to be overcome for this sustainable future to arrive. What are some of the major issues and challenges humans will have to face in order to achieve sustainability on a global scale?

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