The wendt corporation had $10.5 million of taxable income.

Sep 12, 2023

1. The Wendt Corporation had $10.5 million of taxable income.
a. What is the company’s federal income tax bill for the year?
b. Assume the firm receives an additional $1 million of interest income from some bonds it owns. What is the tax on this interest income?
c. Now assume that Wendt does not receive the interest income but does receive an additional $1 million as dividends on some stock it owns. What is the tax on this dividend income?
2. Gardial & Son has an ROA of 12%, a 5% profit margin, and a return on equity equal to
20%. What is the company’s total assets turnover? What is the firm’s equity multiplier?
3. Complete the balance sheet and sales information in the table that follows for J. White
Industries using the following financial data:
Total assets turnover: 1.5
Gross profit margin on sales: (Sales – Cost of goods sold)/Sales = 25%
Total liabilities-to-assets ratio: 40%
Quick ratio: 0.80 Days sales outstanding (based on 365-day year): 36.5 days
Inventory turnover ratio: 3.75
Partial Income Statement Information
Sales _______
Cost of goods sold _______
Balance Sheet
Cash _______ Accounts payable ______
Accounts receivable _______ Long-term debt 50,000
Inventories _______ Common stock ______
Fixed assets _______ Retained earnings 100,000
Total assets $400,000 Total liabilities and equity ________

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The wendt corporation had $10.5 million of taxable income.
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