What about the issues related to the safety of healthcare workers and responders?

Aug 22, 2023


Who will get access to lifesaving vaccines and who will not? Who should get to decide this? What about the issues related to the safety of healthcare workers and responders? The article that is provided for you to review prior to engaging in this weeks assignment question frames a number of the bioethical issues pertinent to consideration as emergency managers. Policy makers, officials, and EDM stakeholders all need to be knowledgeable about the ethical issues pertinent to response and planning that may affect the populations they serve

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What about the issues related to the safety of healthcare workers and responders?
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Refer to the following report to answer the following questions:

(2015, February). Ethics and Ebola – Public Health Planning and Response.

(Links to an external site.)

Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. (ATTACHED)

Randomized controlled trials are typically considered to be the gold standard of clinical research. However, when research is conducted during an emergency, alternative trial designs might be more appropriate. For example, consider a design in which every participant receives the experimental treatment or vaccine, in the hope that it will provide some benefit. What ethical considerations are relevant to designing a clinical trial of a treatment or vaccine in the midst of an epidemic?

Kaci Hickox, a U.S. nurse who worked for Doctors Without Borders treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, was detained and quarantined upon returning to the United States, despite showing no symptoms of Ebola (individuals are not contagious with Ebola when they do not have symptoms). Were the restrictive measures imposed on Ms. Hickox justified? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of imposing these measures? What ethical considerations should be taken into account in making decisions about when to impose restrictive measures?

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