What political or economic solutions have been tried to correct this problem?

Aug 31, 2023

PART 1: read

and summarize two (2) interesting and relevant articles from different news

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What political or economic solutions have been tried to correct this problem?
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sources that talk about the global issue topic. News sources can be newspapers,

magazines, blogs…any internet or paper news source…but you are not allowed

to use a source twice. The purposes of this assignment are to become familiar

with new sources of information from an international perspective and to

discover what the world is talking about. U.S. outlets such as

Wikipedia, any encyclopedia, the New York Times and CNN are not eligible for

use in this assignment. BRANCH OUT and examine newspapers/magazines from around the

globe. The best strategy is to identify your topic and international sources

and begin to monitor them from early in the term for articles on your

theme. I am looking for a concise yet thorough description of the two article’s

content. Summarize both articles on a single word-processing documenting two

detailed, one paragraph for each article.

A good rule of thumb in doing these assignments is to remember that I am

not reading the articles, so it is your job to fully explain and summarize

them, as well as apply them to the questions asked for that week.

PART 2: An

op-ed is an opinion piece of writing, written in response to a news article or

story. The writer discusses the issue,

states an opinion, and backs it up with supportive facts or reasons, designed

to persuade his or her target audience. You need to write an open ed based on

the articles that you summarized. You

may argue positions in favor or against a particular viewpoint but make your

argument clear and concise. I am looking

for an understanding of Global Issues concepts and their application to the

real world. Clear and detailed writing assignments will earn the most points,

and short submissions or ones with a lack of detail and explanation will

receive fewer points. When writing your op-ed, it helps sometimes to consider

some of the following questions about your topic:

• What are the root problems or

challenges inside your topic area?

• What political or economic solutions

have been tried to correct this problem?

• How do states and non-state actors

interact inside this issue?

• Who has come out better (or worse)

because of the responses to this issue?

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